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Club Governance & Finance

Club Governance & Finance

Here are all the regulatory requirements you must meet when running a club. Think constitution, policy and procedural guidelines. 

If you can't find what you're after, please email the Clubs Officer via clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au

Club Membership List

You need to collect details from new members when they sign up to your club. The minimum details you need are: First Name, Last Name, Student Number, Email Address and if they're a current Curtin student.

We recommend create a simple Google Form for new member signups so all details will automatically be saved to spreadsheet for you to access. Here’s an example signup form.

You can share the link to your signup form in social media posts, emails, QR codes and give it out directly at events like Guild O-Day to get more members.

Confidentiality & Consent
If a member does not want to give you certain personal information, don’t make them. 

Only make your membership contact list available to those that need it (e.g. your committee) – do not share this with any third-party apps, companies or people.

Clubs Charter

The Clubs Charter outlines all major club operational requirements and processes and explains how the Guild assesses the various types of club applications and requests.

View Clubs Charter

Club Registration

All club registrations expire on December 31 every year.
Clubs must lodge an annual renewal form in order to remain affiliated with the Guild.

You will need to log in to complete this form - if you do not yet have a user account on this website, please create one using the button at the bottom of the log-in page.

User accounts must be created for each individual user, not under your club name.

Renew your Club Registration


Most clubs are required to govern themselves in accordance with the Default Guild Clubs Constitution. 

The only exceptions are if:

  • you have submitted a custom consitution to the Guild and had it approved, OR
  • you are an incorporated body, in which case you must follow this version instead.

Other Guild Policy Documents

Club AGM Guidelines

Your club must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year to elect committee positions for the following year and report on the club's activities. Learn more about requirements for your club's financial statements.

New clubs (less than 12 months old) do not require an AGM.

Download these guidelines and read-to-edit templates for your AGM:

Clubs & Societies Committee meetings

Clubs & Societies Committee meetings are run twice per semester. They are a two-way communication forum between clubs and the Guild. Those who attend these meetings are provided with the opportunity to take part in and voicing your opinion, feedback and ideas for the changing world of how and what we deliver to clubs. The full agenda is circulated via email in the week prior to each meeting.

Meetings for 2021 will be held on the following dates:

  • Thursday 11th March, 4pm (followed by an Event Management Workshop)
  • Thursday 13th May, 4pm
  • Thursday 5th August, 4pm
  • Thursday 7th October, 4pm

These meetings will take place both in-person on Curtin University Bentley campus while simultaneously using the video conferencing app, Zoom.  Create a free Zoom acount if you'd prefer to dial in.

View previous minutes and upcoming agendas 
RSVP to the next meeting

Club Finances

We've prepared a guide for treasurers and club executives on how to appropriately manage and oversee club finances for reporting, budgeting and overall management.

Manage your Club Finances

Consent & Sexual Safety

The Curtin Student Guild is committed to ensuring safe, consensual and enjoyable campus club culture.

Please read the Guild's Consent & Sexual Safety Guidelines for Clubs for further information.

Responding to disclosures of sexual assault course
This free course developed by the Sexual Assault Resource Centre WA (SARC) aims to increase knowledge and understanding about sexual assault issues and to increase people's ability to effectively respond to disclosures of sexual assault from adolescents and adults. Login as a 'guest' when you register for this free course. 

All club committee members are encouraged to complete this course.

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