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Club Events

Club Events

To ensure you are acting responsibly to protect all those on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic (and as directed by the Vice-Chancellor’s return to campus plan), please keep up-to-date with the Guild's COVID-19 club communications HERE

Event Applications & Venue Bookings

Book a venue for your club event! An event application form is mandatory for ALL events and activities your club intends to run, both on and off campus.

Submit an application form for:


Function Packs & BBQ Packs

In 2021, clubs are able to claim up to any two of the following food package offerings for on-campus events only

  • Club Function Pack: These are designed to suit your upcoming events if you are unable to fit the cost of catering. Different options are availble to suit your events style (i.e. relaxed, casual, proffesional etc.). 
  • Club BBQ Pack: This pack is designed to cater to those looking to grab the attention of passers-by for purposes such as gaining new members, raising awareness for causes you're pationate about, club member celebrations, fundraising etc. It's your choice if you offer a serving for free or charge a fee.

Apply here!

Event Equipment Hire

Clubs are able to hire Guild-owned equipment free of charge for use on campus.

Book free Guild equipment here!

Promoting Your Event

We've put together some information to help you promote your event and engage with students. 
There's also details on more promotional opportunities, ideas and support for your online initiatives.

Learn how to promote your club and events

Booking Calendars

Check out the below Google Calendars to see what events are already scheduled on any given date, as well as when certain Guild-provided resources and venues (e.g. BBQs, Club HQ, Curtin Tav) are available.

Regularly checking these calendars is encouraged when scheduliing your own events to avoid clashes, however; keep in mind that the Club Event Calendar is only updated when clubs alert us of their events by submitting their event application forms.

If you can't find what you're after, please email the Clubs Officer via clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au