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"We Will Not Be Left Behind" - A campaign that won't end at the ballot box.

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Curtin Student Guild encourages all students to Enrol to Vote ahead of the Federal Election on Saturday 18 May.

With the Federal election date set for 18 May, Curtin Student Guild is launching the “We Will Not Be Left Behind” campaign to encourage all students and young people to get involved and put pressure on the major political parties to meet their demands and priorities. These demands include:

• Taking urgent action on climate change
• Establishing a National Taskforce into Sexual Assault and Harassment on campus
• Increase funding and support to improve the welfare of students and young people
• Creating a fully funded, equitable, and accessible higher education system

“Our message to all students and young people is that they should enrol to vote to ensure that their voice is heard,” said Finlay Nolan, Curtin Guild President.

“We must be organised, demand change, and let politicians know that lukewarm policies on the urgent issues affecting young people will no longer be accepted”

“Young people and students will not be left behind in this election,” she said. “Politicians must listen to us or lose our votes. “
Ms Nolan said that the “We Will Not Be Left Behind” campaign will not end at the ballot box.

“It’s important that the elected government is held to account on the issues that affect the economic, environmental and social prosperity of Australia’s future. As we have seen with the recent climate strikes, the youth and student voice is not one that can easily be ignored.”

ENROLMENT DEADLINE: 8pm local time Thursday 18 April. Students must be correctly enrolled before the deadline.

Students can enrol to vote HERE.