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Students demand action on climate change

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The Guild’s “We Will Not Be Left Behind Campaign” is demanding that political parties running in the election respond to youth and student calls for greater action on climate change.

Recent estimates from the International Energy Agency suggest that over $775 billion is spent globally each year subsidising fossil fuels.

“Not just across Australia, but worldwide, students and youth are fed up with inaction on climate change. Political parties without clear policies are wasting the precious time we have to prevent the damaging effects of climate change while we have the chance,” said Hana Arai, Curtin Student Guild Vice President – Education.

Strikes in more than 30 cities and towns across Australia last year were held with more than 15,000 students taking the day off school to protest the lack of action on climate changes. This year, Australia’s 15 March climate strike coincided with school protests in more than 40 other countries.

“We will be supporting the Climate Election National Day of Action on Friday, 3 May and encouraging all students to participate,” said Ms Arai.

“If we care about Australia’s future we must not support new coal projects such as Queensland’s Adani mine whose environmental impacts will be felt for up to 60 years.

“The youth are the future of this country and any government that is elected will be forced to respond to the issue of climate change. We are prepared to fight to ensure that our demands are taken seriously,” said Ms Arai.

According to the NUS Student Values Survey, 68.2% of students believe climate change is a big issue that the Australian Government needs to address.