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Women's Officer Nominees and Statements

Posted By Keira Salord on 1/05/2017

Nominations have now closed. The nominees for Women's Officer are, after the draw for Ballot Order:

  • Gautami Sithambram
  • Eliza Lyon
  • Emma Williams
  • Farah Abshir
  • Elly Bijlsma
  • Finlay Nolan
  • Lara Rudd
  • Nicola Gulvin
  • Sonia Shekhar
  • Brittany Reynolds
  • Abby Haslehurst

Join us on Wednesday 3rd May at Lance Twomey Lecture Theater – 408:1019 - for the by-election. Please be advised that only female-identifying individuals may vote.

Nominees will be invited to make a 2-minute speech. Voting will be open from the conclusion of speeches (around 12:15pm) until 2pm.

Candidate statements can be found here.