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What the heck is student assist?

Posted By Jo-Ann Naidu on 17/02/2017

Our team of Student Assist officers can provide you with information or refer you to a wide variety of services. We are unbiased, confidential, and—most importantly—we are run by the Guild, therefore completely independent of the University.

Student assist is here for all your questions and concerns during your student experience at Curtin, they can help you in the following areas:

• Academic Status
Advice on appealing Terminated status. You can find information on session times via

• Assessments
Help with the different assessment appeals.

• Misconduct
Assistance with issues regarding Academic Misconduct, Academic Record Fraud and General Misconduct.

• Complaints
Options for making a complaint if you are unhappy with a university decision.

• Financial Support & Grants
Financial Counsellor, Bookshop grants, emergency food relief and Loan Laptop Program.

• Postgraduate Mentor Program
A program which aims to provide all new postgraduate students with access to a student mentor enrolled in the same course.

• Tax Help
Free tax help with an Australian Tax Office volunteer.

• Career & Resume Assistance
Interview skills and resume writing workshops.

• Legal Resources
Referrals to free legal advice and resources for all Curtin students.

• Tenancy Advice
Information and assistance with tenancy issues.

For more information or to speak to someone in student assist, call us on 9266 2900 or email