Resources For Clubs

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all the "behind-the-scenes" paperwork you'll need for both starting and maintaining your club! From grant applications, to room bookings on campus, to equipment hire forms - everything you need should be here. If you can't find what you're after, please email the Clubs Officer on!  


2017 Club Registration Form 
To have your club affiliated with the Guild, simply fill out this online form, ensuring all requirements outlined within are met. If your application is successful, you'll score a bunch of great entitlements, including funding, promotion, venue hire, equipment hire, and much more. Contact the Clubs Officer via for more info!

Default Club Constitution
With the exception of clubs operating under their own custom Guild-approved constitutions, all clubs are required to adhere to the above default club constitution in all club governance. 

Club AGM Guidelines
All clubs are required to conduct an Annual General Meeting each year (in September, October or November), to elect committee positions for the following year, and report to members on the club's activities throughout the year. From 2017 onward, AGM minutes are also a formal registration requirement. For a quick guide to how it all works, download these handy guidelines.


Event Management Plan  (*Includes Venue Booking Form for On-Campus Events)

This document is a mandatory requirement for ALL club events - whether on or off campus. Your EMP must be submitted at least three weeks prior to your proposed event. For large, complex, or high-impact events, please provide a minimum of six weeks' notice. The EMP plays a crucial role in ensuring that Guild, University, and local government standards are met, and also aims to identify instances in which additional permits and paperwork are required. Though potentially daunting at first, this form is designed to walk you through all the considerations that must be taken into account when running an event, providing realistic insight into the work involved. An EMP helps to ensure that no important details are missed along the way, and also allows the CO to step in and offer additional advice and support as necessary.

Venue Bookings at Curtin (Bentley Campus) - all Guild-registered clubs are able to book venues on campus for free (with some exceptions), so next time you need somewhere quiet to run a club meeting, a lecture theatre for a guest presentation, or an outdoor space for a larger event, simply complete the above EMP - which includes the required venue hire form - and return it via email to the Clubs Officer, at If you require a last minute booking, you may wish to consider booking Club HQ instead - this can be booked without an EMP via the Guild Resource Booking Form, below.

Guild Resource Booking Form
Want to run a BBQ to raise funds for your club, or simply build awareness that you actually exist? Maybe you just need a trestle table to sell tickets or push membership sign-ups along the Guild promenade? Or perhaps you'd like to run a club meeting in Club HQ (the old pharmacy space)? For all this and more, simply complete this form.

Consent & Sexual Safety: Guidelines For Clubs
The Curtin Student Guild is committed to ensuring safe, consensual and enjoyable campus club culture. Please read this fact sheet for further info on how you can play your part.

Guild Logo (for club promotional material)
Clubs are required to include a copy of the Guild logo on any promotional material they produce (e.g. posters, banners, etc.). There are specific rules attached to how this logo is used (particularly on posters), so please be sure to read the Style Guide below before using.

Club Poster Guidelines
Want to get your posters seen on campus? There are a few basic guidelines you'll need to follow. Download this handy document for the full rundown.

Blank Health and Safety Risk Assessment Template
Any event held at Curtin involving a reasonable amount of risk requires a Health and Safety risk assessment (RA) to be developed. Your RA must address what risk mitigation measures will be implemented at the event. To assist you in creating your own risk assessment, we recommend using RA's from previous events as a guide. Sample RA's can be requested from

Guild BBQ Risk Assessment
All club BBQs must be run in accordance with the measures outlined within this document. Please be sure to read it thoroughly prior to running your BBQ. Safety first!


$1500 Sponsorship Grant
Did you know that all registered clubs are able to apply for up to $1500 in moolah each year?!? This is probably one of the biggest and best perks of being a Guild registered club - we give you money to do cool stuff for your members! 

$300 Catering Grant
Did you know registered clubs can access up to $300 worth of catering and/or function costs associated with a club event, via the Tav or Kirribili Catering? (Conditions apply.) Download this form for more info!

Movies at The Tav
Organising a club movie night at the TAV is an easy way to raise funds for your club, or just enjoy a social night out with friends. We also now offer clubs one "Club Movie Grant" per year, which entitles you to a club movie night in the Tav for just $100 (although additional charges may apply if you are charging admission fees). For more info, and the relevant booking forms, head over to our Movies at the Tav page! Movie night bookings must be submitted at least three weeks prior to your proposed booking date.