The Guild's Equity Departments provide essential services to students they can all be found in the Guild's Equity Space in Building 106F to the side of Guild Reception.

Women's Department

The Women's Department provides representation for the concerns of female students both on and off campus. The Women's Room, located in the Access and Equity Department off the Guild courtyard, is a safe space for female students to relax, plan activities, hold small meetings and get information on women's issues. The room is not only a safe space for women, but also a space for mothers to study while caring for their children. 

Students with Disabilities 

The Students with Disabilities department is an all-inclusive collective that represents the interests of all students identifying as having a disability or mental illness. We provide a strong support network for students with disabilities on campus, and will always be available to address any students’ questions or concerns. The department also works closely with Curtin's disability support services & Curtin University as a whole to get the best possible outcome for students with disabilities. They also aim to provide more awareness about general disability issues & the services offered by Curtin, the Student Guild and general community. 

Queer Department

The Guild’s Queer Department is an invaluable service for any student on campus who identifies as sexually or gender diverse. This includes people who identify as LGBTQIA+; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, and those who belong to the community but do not use these terms.
The Queer Department seeks to ensure that LGBTQIA+ students are well represented within the University, and that any problems that may arise for them are quickly sorted out. The department also aims to work proactively to ensure that Curtin is a safe and accepting place for all students. Individuals can use the department to obtain information on any sexuality or gender-related questions or issues they may have. The room also acts as a safe space for queer-identifying students and allies.

International Student Committee (ISC)

The ISC is the representative body for international students, responsible for voicing their concerns, issues and their voice at Curtin. A department of the Guild, the ISC's dedicated team aims to assist international students in achieving an all-rounded quality education whilst enjoying a meaningful and full-of-experience social life at Curtin and in Australia.

Indigenous Department

The Indigenous Department within the Curtin Student Guild aims to ensure that Indigenous students at Curtin University are well represented and supported. The main goal of the department is to continue to advance social, economic and educational access for Indigenous students as well as maintaining racial equality on campus.