Student Reps

Your Voice on Campus

Each year, Curtin students vote to elect 25 of their their peers to the Guild Council whose job it is to get the best outcome for students on all issues that impact them.

Guild representatives sit on University boards, panels, committees, groups and working parties to ensure that your voice is heard. 

They also work closely with Guild staff to develop and deliver essential student services.

2018 Guild Council Office Bearers

Don't be a stranger. Please get in touch with your representatives. They are here to assist you


President Liam O'Neill
Education Vice President Nicola Gulvin
Activities Vice President Adam Parsons
General Secretary Dylan Heywood
Curtin Business School Rep Vishal Thirumalaisami
Faculty of Science & Engineering Rep Hana Arai
Faculty of Health Science Rep Jessica Covino
Faculty of Humanities Rep Finlay Nolan
International Student Committee President Shubhika Lal
Postgraduate Student Association President Romana-Rea Begicevic
Queer Department Officers Crystal Nguyen
Suthish Rathakrishnan
Women's  Department Officer Lydia Berhan
Indigenous Department Officer Kearyn Cox
Students with Disabilities Department Officer Glen Luff

Guild Councillors
Caitlin Egloff-Barr
Christopher Hall
Richard Birchall
Elly Bijlsma
Scott Sandon
Mary Burke
Lachlan Lee
Nicholas Latella
Muhammad Awais
Kaizan Balm