Student Reps

Your Voice on Campus

Each year, Curtin students vote to elect 25 of their their peers to the Guild Council whose job it is to get the best outcome for students on all issues that impact them.

Guild representatives sit on University boards, panels, committees, groups and working parties to ensure that your voice is heard. 

They also work closely with Guild staff to develop and deliver essential student services.

2017 Guild Council Office Bearers

Don't be a stranger. Please get in touch with your representatives. They are here to assist you


President Liam O'Neill
Education Vice President Jordan Piggott
Activities Vice President Anna Griffin
General Secretary Jemma Chin
Curtin Business School Rep Victoria Barker
Faculty of Science & Engineering Rep Declan Mulheron
Faculty of Health Science Rep Dylan Heywood
Faculty of Humanities Rep Lachlan Hall
International Student Committee President Viivi Laasonen
Postgraduate Student Association President
Queer Department Officers Bek Bergeron
Avery Perkins
Women's  Department Officers Millie McDermott
Indigenous Department Officers Louise Lockyer
Students with Disabilities Department Officer Joshua Mackenzie

Guild Councillors
Ruochen Han
Lynelle McCord
Kieran Gulvin
Harrison Vincent
Maxwell Swaney
Finlay Nolan
Lewis Whittaker
Noni Elliott-Hobbs
Gautami Sithambaram
Isadora Poole