Staff Listing

All Guild staff can be contacted by calling Guild Reception on (08) 9266 2900.

Brent Penberthy - Managing Director
Nika Velios - OHS & HR Representative
Totally Awesome & Helpful Receptionists - Ezy Ofoegbu & Mel Barendrecht

Francois Leuenberger - Associate Director Commercial Services
Kelli Edwards - Food & Beverage Manager
Tanya Della-Santina - Retail Services Manager
Aimee Foakes – The Bubble Lab Supervisor
Scott Biswell - Executive Chef
Noelle Cavanagh  - Food & Beverage Administrative Support Officer
Ann Maree Foran - Food & Beverage Operations Support
Kenzie Van der Loo - Functions Coordinator
Leigh Howson – G-Mart Retail Supervisor


Simon Roy - Associate Director Student Services 
Rebecca Barendrecht - Student Experience Manager
Jo-Ann Naidu - Student Assist Manager
Juliana Desker-Lim - Student Assist Officer
Onki Yiu - Student Assist Officer 
Andrew Cameron - Student Assist Officer (Post Graduate)
Margot Whittington - Student Assist Officer (Financial)
Shelley Stoddart - Clubs Officer
Jessica Bourne - Events Coordinator

David Luketina - Associate Director Corporate Services
Karen Rennie -  Management Accountant
Maryanne Shaddick - Manager Corporate Relations
Jo Alvey - Senior Finance Officer
Sally Corbett - Finance Officer
Paul Kent - IT Officer
Slade Lever - Technical Services Coordinator
Shaun McMahon – Facilities Officer
Keturah Mudhan - Graphic Design Officer
Nicole Lau - Public Relations Officer
Keira Salord - Digital Engagement Officer
Corrie Filmore - Executive Officer