How to Start a New Club

If you can't find a club that grabs your fancy, why not start your own? Find out more by emailing with any questions you may have, or by viewing the registration form itself (which goes into all the finer details), HERE.

Clubs who successfully register with the Guild are able to access a bunch of great entitlements; including grants, venue hire, BBQ use, sponsorship, promotional support, poster access, a stall at major Guild events (such as O-Day), and much more! For the full list of perks, check out Resources for Clubs.

Registration Periods

Club registrations are open across two designated "registration periods" each semester, as follows:

Semester One Intake Period
28th November 2016 - 24th March 2017

Semester Two Intake Period
26th June 2017 - 25th August 2017

If you miss the cut-off for a particular registration period, you will need to wait until the next registration period to re-apply.

Conditions of Affiliation

In order to affiliate with the Curtin Student Guild, a club must be able to meet the following conditions:

  • Its aims and objectives must not conflict with those of Curtin Student Guild. Check out the Guild Club Constitution for a nudge in the right direction.
  • It must be beneficial to students, and must not be detrimental to students in any way.
  • It must be inclusive, with membership open to all Curtin students.
  • It should not duplicate the activities/objectives of an existing club or Guild equity department.
  • New clubs (registered with the Guild for twelve months or less) must have a minimum of 10 members to register, all of whom must be current Curtin students.
  • Re-registering clubs (registered with the Guild for more than twelve months) must have a minimum of 30 members to register, all of whom must be current Curtin students.
  • All office bearers must be Full Guild members and current Curtin students.
  • The club must establish a bank account and email account in the club's name prior to registering.

All club approvals are ultimately subject to the discretion of the Guild Executive Council.


Please follow the steps below to express your interest in starting a club:

  • Complete the 2017 Club Registration form online HERE..

  • PLEASE DO NOT USE THE "START A NEW CLUB" LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. These submissions are invalid and not monitored. We apologise for this technical glitch.

  • Your application will be reviewed by Guild Executive Council at their weekly meeting, and you will be contacted by the Clubs Officer via email with the result of your application within three weeks.

Start a New Club



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