Curtin Automotive Klub for Enthusiasts (CAKE) [Join/Renew]

This club is affiliated with The Curtin Student Guild

About Us

This group is for those who take an interest in any kind of automotive area. General, technical, related, and unrelated discussion is welcome, provided it is respectful.

We regularly hold car cruises and general meets every 2-3 weeks, and run special events such as track days, dyno sessions, rally sessions, 4x4ing and basic mechanical tutorials a few times a year.

CAKE is registered with the Curtin Student Guild and has access to financial grants which allow us to provide benefits (free food, subsidized events such as go-karts) for paid members - ask an admin if you wish to know more.

Our admin team consists of:

  • Alex Haley (President)
  • Monty Harding (Vice president)
  • Andrew Sugden (Secretary)
  • Matthew Penn (Treasurer)

Do not hesitate to contact us via Facebook message, or email us at: if you have any enquiries or problems.

And from all of us here at CAKE, enjoy the roads/tracks/dirt and stay safe! Our current Facebook Group:
Our website (Work In Progress):

(Note: If you are not a past or present student at Curtin University as listed on your Facebook profile, it is unlikely we will accept your request to join the Facebook group. Please send a photo of your Curtin Student ID to or a member of the admin team on Facebook if you do not have Curtin University on your profile.)


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